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Email: info@nuark.ie

We Can Save You Time & Money!

NuArk is a ‘one-stop shop’ for Architectural design, Engineering works, Corporate Recovery and Dispute resolution. All of your requirements can be met in one place, cutting out your need to engage in the time-consuming and costly process of consulting with individual experts/advisors.


You Are Our Priority!

We work with all our clients as a team as we believe great communication drives great results. You are of paramount importance to us throughout the solution process.


We Can Offer You A Range Of Client Services, Each Highly Regarded Within The Industry!

Our services include:- 1) Structural building design, space planning and interior design, 2) New Build, Fit-out (new and refurbishment), and heritage/conservation work, 3) Property Maintenance & Management, 4) Construction Contract Advice & Management, 5) Insolvency Support, 6) Surety Protection, 7) Dispute Resolution Services, 8) Corporate Recovery Services


We Have Extensive In-House Resources At Your Disposal!

Our greatest strength is our personnel. Our Property & Construction Specialists are experts in problem solving, creative thinking, time management and people management with an innate ability for resolution and agreement in situations of conflict and negotiation.

In addition, our excellence in craftsmanship provides outstanding project results for our clients.


We Have The Experience To Provide You With Effective, Economical Solutions That Are Tailored To Your Needs!

The team at NuArk have more than 20 years experience in dealing with a broad range of client bodies in Ireland, UK, Europe and abroad including Banks & Financial Institutions, local authorities, law firms, receivers, accountancy firms, contractors, sub-contractors and insolvency practitioners.


We Can Give You Results That Meet Your Expectations

NuArk has a company ethos of Teamwork, Integrity and Commitment that ensures we deliver solutions that meet your expectations on time and within budget.


You Can Be Assured Our Work For You Will Be Of The Highest Standard Of Quality!

We abide by Quality Control and Quality Assurance management systems that comply with ISO 9001:2008 thus ensuring Total Quality Management has an integral part in our project delivery.


We Ensure Best Practice In Environmental Protection!

We abide by Environment Management policies and procedures that comply with ISO14001:2004 ensuring best practice in environmental protection during the construction process thereby reducing waste, preventing pollution and promoting sustainable development.


We Have The Highest Ethical Standards In The Industry!

Our Business Concepts Are Underpinned By A Strong Belief In Sustainability, Efficiency And A Leaner World!


Our Business is strengthened through Partners of the highest calibre

We have formed strong and long lasting relationships with a core group of Professionals. By forming such alliances we have created a community of loyalty and trust. Our partners understand and share our professional goals and  quality standards.


Our Attention To Detail Means We Can Meet Every Challenge Head On! 

Small mistakes can tarnish a big investment.  Our attention to detail ensures maximum return on your investment.


Our Personnel Always Have The Most Up-To-Date Skills & Knowledge In The Industry!

NuArks’ personnel are continuously up-skilling, attending conferences and networking with other professionals in the industry so as to keep abreast of all industry developments and design trends.